Monday 15th July 2019



Fagerberg adds Consulting Editor role at IoT Now Transport to his leadership of analysts Berg Insight

IoT Now and are pleased to announce that, in addition to his position as founder and chief executive of Internet of Things (IoT) analysts, Berg Insight, Johan Fagerberg has taken up a newly-created, part-time advisory role as Consulting Editor of Read More


The changing needs of in-vehicle connectivity – Part 2

In part 1 of this blog series, I spoke about how dependable mobile connectivity keeps vehicles on the road longer, and some of the benefits it can offer enterprises managing fleets. Dependable in-vehicle connectivity allows businesses and organisations to better serve their customers and in some cases, save lives.Read More


How can we expect MaaS acceptance when we all talk at cross purposes?

A mass alliance of experts keeps promising that soon we can live in automated communities with an omnipotent but benevolent transport system. This Mercurial god of travel will make us safer, healthier, richer and more fulfilled. The only missing piece of the puzzle is open communications.Read More

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