Wednesday 19th February 2020



WKM appoints Annie Turner as Editor of IoT Now Transport as the brand expands

WKM Global, the publisher of and sister site,, has appointed Annie Turner to the newly-created post of Editor of IoT Now Transport. Read More


Location, location, location: How distributed warehousing can secure the future of the supply chain

Warehousing as a service is enabling a distributed warehousing model that can meet customer demand and enable low risk expansion, says Charlie Pool, CEO, Stowga.

Instant gratification

In a responsive retail business, supply chain optimisation has become a continuous process. In a bid to meet customers’ continually increasing demands for rapid delivery, diverse delivery locations and simple returns processes, companies are modelling transportation routes and costs, assessing customer locations, the costs of fulfilling customer demands and, of course, the cost of storage. Yet while many aspects of the supply chain process are incredibly flexible, especially with the arrival of innovative delivery providers, there is one aspect of fulfilment that is placing a significant and costly constraint over essential retail innovation: warehouse location.
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How the Internet of Things is transforming the supply chain: Part 2, Future solutions

In the previous part we discussed about IoT applications. In this part we are discuss about the future solutions.

Future solutions

Autonomous Vehicles – There are already some interesting developments that could have an impact much sooner than people think. One example was the trial of unmanned delivery vehicles in Greenwich, London by Ocado and Oxbotica which delivered to over one hundred residential customers.Read More

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