Friday 23rd April 2021

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Velodyne and Ansys team up to transform autonomous vehicle safety

Velodyne and Ansys are developing software models of next-generation automotive lidar sensors to provide substantially improved hazard identification capabilities for highly advanced AVs.

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Ruggedised router for vehicles introduced with advanced IoT connectivity and edge computing

Cradlepoint, a provider in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network edge solutions, has announced its new R1900 Ruggedised 5G Edge Router. This is powered by a Cradlepoint NetCloud subscription service that includes cloud-delivered software, endpoints, training, and support.

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Transport360 Magazine 2021 Q1 – With IoT there is opportunity in adversity, just look at the transport industry

The transport industry has experienced the most disruptive year in recent history because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Traditional mass passenger transport flows have dwindled to a trickle, enormous needs for first PPE and now vaccines have put immense stress on cargo distribution and one of the world’s busiest trade routes now has a border and all the attendant customs regulation that involves, plonked into it thanks to Brexit.

And to top it all off, who was ready for a blocked Suez Canal?

Just when you think it can’t get any worse something happens to prove there is always room at the bottom, but adversity can be an opportunity for IoT to demonstrate its strengths.

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Inside this issue:

  • On the cover: Advantech's Alicja Strzemieczna tells George Malim how rail transport is accelerating into a new era of automation both for passengers and cargo
  • The Annual IoT Connectivity Buyers’ Guide: Our guide to rapidly scaling up winning fleet telematics products
  • Intelligent Rail Report: George Malim reports on how rail operators are turning from the challenges of the pandemic to adopting smart rail technologies
  • IoT-Enabled Transport: Why reliable and secure connectivity is the foundation for the post-COVID world of transport
  • IoT for Ports: Alicia Asin describes how IoT is benefiting port cities
  • 5G Connectivity: How 5G is enabling the future of connected vehicles
  • Industry News: Catch up fleet management, shipping, logistics and product news starting on page 6