Tuesday 17th September 2019



Applied Information, Audi, Qualcomm, and NEMA support standards that enable privacy and security in intelligent transportation

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) moderated a panel of Applied Information, Inc. president Bryan Mulligan, Audi director of Government Affairs Brad Stertz, and Qualcomm senior director of Engineering Vincent Park at the 2019 Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITSA) Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. The speakers discussed the central role that Standards play in the connected and increasingly automated vehicle landscape.

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Techmake’s Eagle X with Verodyne rider sensor comes to the aerial mapping market

Berodyne Ryder launched its IT consulting and technology development company Techmake Solutions , based in Monterrey, Mexico, into its Eagle X mapping and survey system We announced that it will be equipped with Verodyne’s rider sensor.Read More