Monday 26th August 2019

Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality


PTC introduces new augmented reality capabilities and spatial tracking with Creo AR Design Share

PTC announced the release of the Creo® AR Design Share solution, which further expands the ability of product designers and engineers to use augmented reality (AR) in product design. AR is an essential technology for product designers, allowing them to share designs instantly, experience their product at scale, Read More


PTC focuses on next-generation licensing for the automotive industry

PTC, announced accelerated plans to help automotive companies convert their existing PTC software assets to subscription licenses, as well as develop next-generation vehicles using the ThingWorx® Industrial Innovation Platform as a product development/production platform.Read More


How remote access technology will transform the automotive industry: Part 2

As we saw the first 3 points in Part 1 yesterday, the remaining points of the article continue below.The automotive market is increasingly saturated and competitive, compelling car manufacturers to find new ways to differentiate themselves through the connected ‘experience’ they can offer, says Tom Blackie, head of Automotive at RealVNC.Read More