Friday 23rd April 2021

5G and the connected car

The world is bracing itself for 5G – the next generation wireless network. Ultra-low latency and massively increased data speeds mean that information transfer will be faster than ever before…
But what does this mean for the automotive industry?


5G connectivity will be a key enabler for connected cars and autonomous vehicles as they will be able to almost instantaneously communicate with each other, buildings, infrastructure and the world around them. There is also potential for what services 5G can add inside the car, and how it will enhance the passenger experience. What new apps, services and functions will be available, and how can the automotive industry capitalise on these new value added services?


An issue that persists, however, is that of coverage. 3G and 4G are readily available in cities and densely populated regions, but rural areas still suffer from reduced connectivity. Without universal coverage on roads and highways the benefits of 5G for cars and vehicles will only be felt in urban areas in the immediate future.


The formation in late 2016 of the 5GAA (5G Automotive Association) between key, automakers and ecosystem players is evidence that the industry appreciates that 5G really has the potential to transform the auto industry – and that these opportunities are being explored early.

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