Friday 24th September 2021

Marelli motorsport and 1NCE announce partnership

Published on June 8th, 2021

Marelli Motorsport, the Motorsport Business Unit of the global automotive supplier Marelli, and 1NCE, the full-fledged operator of IoT network services, are joining forces to develop new real-time tracking solutions in the world of motorsport.

Marelli Motorsport develops electronic and electro-mechanical systems for two and four-wheel racing vehicles, supplying all the top teams in all of the most important motorsport world championships such as Formula 1, Formula E, the World Endurance Championship, MotoGP, and many others. The company is a provider in Motorsport telemetry and delivers connected track technologies.

Cellular connectivity use-case trials

In line with its long-standing expertise in this field, Marelli Motorsport is currently engaged in cellular connectivity use-case trials, developing new telemetry systems to collect real-time car and engine data, such as acceleration, g-force, speed, motor temperature, rpm, alarms, or remaining fuel.

Unlike other connectivity solutions, cellular connectivity does not require the setup of individual local network infrastructures with related costs. Standardised cellular connectivity networks already exist worldwide and can easily be utilised for device communication of sensors in a racing environment.

1NCE delivers standardised IoT connectivity solution

What has been missing so far was a globally standardised offering, giving customers the ease to implement cellular connectivity into their products. As a technology partner of Deutsche Telekom and with its own cloud native IoT platform, 1NCE represents the link between cellular telecommunication networks and modern cloud applications.

1NCE’s offering is available in over 100 countries worldwide at a fixed priced over all possible bearer technologies such as 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT and LTE-M. All this in combination with a powerful management platform that helps to automise device onboarding and management with cloud applications.

To date, 1NCE has more than 4,000 customers with over 5 million active connections worldwide.

“For offering globally available and easy to implement cellular connectivity, we found 1NCE to be the perfect partner for our needs”, says Riccardo De Filippi, senior vice president and CEO of Marelli Motorsport.

“Combining a worldwide presence and a simple pricing structure, 1NCE delivers the ideal connectivity solution for our upcoming telemetry products. Once set up, we can start using them immediately on any of our motorsport locations around the world.”

“Considering myself a big racing fan, I’m all the more pleased about the partnership with Marelli Motorsport”, commented Alexander P. Sator, CEO of 1NCE on the deal. “I’m sure we are the perfect match for Marelli Motorsport, not only when it comes to speed in bringing new solutions to life, but also in terms of minimising operational costs for connectivity and ease of use.”

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