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Free ‘Connectivity buyer’s guide for fleet telematics providers’ launched by Aeris

Published on November 17th, 2020

IoT technology specialist, Aeris, today announced a new free download, ‘Connectivity Buyer’s Guide For Fleet Telematics Providers’, which details the connectivity must-haves for each fleet telematics use case, including GPS fleet tracking, temperature monitoring, connected dashcams, and usage-based insurance.

The free guide lists the questions that telematics companies can ask prospective connectivity suppliers to ensure those suppliers offer the technology, expertise, and services required to help them rapidly innovate and win in the market. The guide also highlights the challenges that come with scaling and how to beat them:

  • More frequent and hard-to-diagnose connection issues
  • Compounding and difficult-to-manage overage charges
  • Product requirements that go beyond your current cellular provider’s abilities
  • Increased data output that makes it tough to distinguish between normal and abnormal device behaviour

Aeris is deeply involved in the fleet telematics sector, providing fleet management connectivity to 2.1 million commercial vehicles, which represents 15% of Aeris’ 14-million-device customer base.

Mohsen Mohseninia, VP of Market Development, Europe, Aeris, comments: “Whether the solution you’re working on is for vehicle tracking, stolen vehicle recovery, trailer tracking, or another fleet management application, innovation will differentiate you from your competition. Speed-to-market is a critical factor in innovation, as issues that aren’t quickly solved can delay your solution’s release to the point where it’s no longer innovative. We hope this guide helps you to more quickly and easily identify capable technology partners that are equipped and ready to help ensure the success of your telematics solution.”

The free guide can be downloaded here:

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