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Building a customisable security service for corporate fleets

Published on March 12th, 2020

Fleet management is a complex task involving many vehicles in motion. Many factors can affect shipments, including traffic, high or low temperatures, break-ins, accidents and mechanical failures. In the past, the only way for corporations to keep track of their rolling trucks was via radio or telephone updates from drivers.

Today’s IoT fleet management applications simplify communications and enable companies to collect far more comprehensive data. Fleet managers can then analyse the data to inform business decisions and ultimately save time and money.

Communication challenges

Over the past decade, security surveillance provider BSQ has developed a set of flexible, customisable security services for corporate fleet management. Services offered include anti-theft alarms and tracking, fuel consumption, cargo temperature control, trailer recognition, web logistics, speed and distance monitoring.

BSQ’s customisable software system can deliver detailed instructions to drivers, navigation information and real-time GPS tracking. “Our system empowers companies to manage their fleets and cargo with only a few clicks,” says BSQ CEO and founder Allegretti Emanuele. “It’s a streamlined solution, but finding the right connectivity piece was a challenge.”

The services are delivered via an on-board device for a fixed fee per per vehicle that covers all hardware costs, connectivity and unlimited use of the web-based management portal.

Because fleet management IoT solutions involve communications with moving trucks, selecting a cellular coverage provider can be tricky. BSQ needed a reliable, secure connectivity solution that wouldn’t require their customers to purchase additional hardware or SIM cards.

Creating a solution with Telit

In early 2019, BSQ adopted Telit Connectivity as the communications backbone for the services. Stable data costs were the perfect complement for BSQ’s competitively-priced monthly subscription business model. “We appreciate Telit’s commitment to security and global coverage,” Emanuele says. “The stability of cost and services we’re able to offer now is very advantageous for our customers.”

BSQ’s software developers are also able to interact with the Telit Connectivity management platform and Telit’s global ecosystem of applications, device suppliers, and system integrators. “We’re always looking toward the future, and the IoT ecosystem gives us an outlet for developing new applications and learning from others who are undertaking similar work.”

Broadening Their Reach

Already established throughout Italy, BSQ is now expanding its operations to include Russia. Customers attest that BSQ’s system has allowed them to optimise costs and make their logistics service more efficient. “Telit has enabled us to provide the highest performance connectivity for our tracking device at a reasonable cost,” says Emanuele. “For our customers, the resulting fast and secure real-time monitoring is a game-changer.”

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