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Cool IoT Use Cases: Passenger counters for Grand Paris Express metros

Published on August 29th, 2019

Market overview 

The Grand Paris Express, which started in 2007, aims to transform Paris into a 21st century city while improving the environment for the residents and to even out disparity between different areas. The largest transport project in Europe will involve 200 km of new railway lines, 68 brand new interconnected stations and handle 2 million passengers a day.

The problem

Lots of problems had to be addressed in this massive development, one being the need to know in real time the number of users at each station and then use the information to improve transport services.

The players

The Société du Grand Paris, which is the state-owned entity created by the French government to implement the Grand Paris Express project. It is in charge of building the new metro lines that will be an important part of the project. Eurotech, an international embedded hardware and IoT software company.

The solution

Passenger data, which was obtained using 1400 embedded counters, with a potential total of 4250. The counters are autonomous devices that employ non-contact stereoscopic vision technology specifically designed for accurately counting passengers entering or leaving public transport vehicles. In addition Eurotech supplied on-board software for data collection and remote configuration as well as the company’s cloud software to enable Société du Grand Paris to securely access the passenger information and to use it internally and/or share it externally.

Business benefits

  • Accurate, real-time data on passenger numbers
  • Improved transportation services
  • Detailed analysis of passenger flows

The author is freelance technology writer, Bob Emmerson.

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