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Cool IoT Use Cases: Private LTE/4G network deployed at advanced test environment for road safety

Published on May 27th, 2019

Market overview

The advanced safety systems of autonomous vehicles need to be tested in all kinds of traffic and traffic situations. They should include city centres and rural roads as well as multi-lane highways.

The problem

Enabling the requisite safety tests is only feasible in a dedicated environment that can not only provide the different traffic situations, but also one that includes technical equipment like remote control gates, traffic lights, targets, balloon cars and driving robots.

Moreover, tests must be conducted over a large area at the speeds at which the vehicles travel and be transmitted using a low latency data service.

The players

AstaZero, a Swedish company located in Sandhult, where they operate the world’s first full-scale test environment for future road safety. And Druid Software, a company that is a headquartered in Bray, Ireland.

The solution

Druid and its Swedish systems integrator partner, Netmore Group AB deployed a private 4G network based on Druid’s cellular core application and Ericsson 4G radios. The solution was configured to reduce latency to an absolute minimum and to fit with AstaZero’s existing IP infrastructure.

The network provides connectivity for telemetry services, actuators, sensors and traffic control systems at the test track, which comprises a 5.7 km rural road lane, a city area with four districts of buildings and streets, a road for multi-lane traffic and an area for high-speed tests.

Business benefits

  • Dedicated secure coverage
  • Guaranteed latency (<30mS)
  • Ease of management and expansion

The column is written by freelance technology writer, Bob Emmerson.

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