Sunday 22nd September 2019

Ryder introduces RyderGyde, the commercial fleet management mobile app in Canada

Published on May 17th, 2019

Ryder System, Inc., a provider of commercial fleet management , dedicated transportation and supply chain solutions , announced that RyderGyde is now available to customers in Canada.

RyderGyde, the free, one-of-a-kind mobile app that allows users to do everything from renting a commercial truck to Ryder Rental to making maintenance appointments in 60 seconds or less, now offers Ryder customers in Canada the same digital fleet management capabilities as those available in the United States.

“The Canadian market offers tremendous growth opportunities for RyderGyde and its users due to the complex challenges of fleet management in Canada,” said Dennis Cooke, president, Fleet Management Solutions, Ryder.

“Every RyderGyde feature has been developed based on the interactions between drivers and fleet managers, and we are confident that our customers in Canada will provide feedback that will be used to continue to enhance the RyderGyde experience for all users.”

In addition, RyderGyde has made improvements to its roadside vehicle repair functionality with the launch of a roadside assistant. This new feature allows the driver, in the event of a vehicle breakdown, to scan the vehicle identification number and send the problem and location information to a maintenance dispatch centre, allowing the assistance vehicle to arrive on the scene in a few minutes.

With the RyderGyde mobile app, drivers, owners and fleet managers in the US and Canada now have access to a personalised and streamlined digital experience to more effectively manage their fleets.

RyderGyde users can view and manage vehicles in their fleet that require maintenance and group the vehicles that are most important to a fleet manager. The combination of odometer reading and telematic data of a vehicle determines when it is ready for maintenance; the vehicle is then automatically marked in the application, along with upcoming preventive maintenance appointments, which are then tracked through the RyderGyde planning function. The more than 800 Ryder service points are also displayed in North America through the mobile application.

To create an even more robust fueling solution, Ryder customers can also log their fuel receipts using RyderGyde’s image-reading technology to quickly capture and store information. RyderGyde’s Fuel Receipt Capture function alleviates the difficulties associated with reporting fuel tax. RyderGyde users in the United States can also compare fuel rates under Ryder’s contracts with those of other service stations to help them make the right fueling decisions.

The RyderGyde app is available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play . For more information, click here.

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