Sunday 22nd September 2019

Silicon mobility announces OLEA APP INVERTER HE, a high-efficiency tension Chain control application increasing the range of electric and hybrid vehicles

Published on May 7th, 2019

Silicon Mobility, the technology provider of control solutions for cleaner, safer and smarter mobility, announces the availability of OLEA APP INVERTER HE, an application for control of electric motors and inverters optimised for OLEA FPCU. OLEA APP INVERTER HE increases the range of electric and hybrid vehicles with equal battery capacity by 20%.

OLEA APP INVERTER HE is the first application of the OLEA APP High Efficiency software portfolio specifically designed for Silicon Mobility’s OLEA FPCU integrated circuits. OLEA APP INVERTER HE incorporates adaptive control algorithms that apply the most appropriate control strategy based on power requirements, angle and engine speed.

OLEA APP INVERTER HE controls the electric motor and its inverter by reducing energy losses in the power transistors and in the motor while widening the operating range of the latter. Simulations on WLTP cycles (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedures) demonstrate an energy gain of 20% compared to applications using multi-core microcontrollers.

“Electric vehicles are the future but users are still worried about their autonomy, especially compared to petrol cars. An immediate and effective way to increase their autonomy is to use a more efficient and intelligent electrical traction control system solution. Says Bruno Paucard, president of Silicon Mobility. “Our technology is applicable to all electric and hybrid vehicles. With OLEA APP INVERTER HE, our customers can achieve their goal: Build a more energy efficient vehicle. “

OLEA APP INVERTER HE is delivered as an AUTOSAR 4.3 software suite including the “SoftWare Application (ASW)” and “Complex Device Driver” (CDD) layers for the inverter. OLEA APP INVERTER HE can be adapted to support a wide variety of motor and inverter topologies.

Silicon Mobility will present OLEA APP INVERTER HE and OLEA FPCU at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo in Stuttgart from May 7 to May 9, 2019. More information on OLEA APP INVERTER HE and OLEA FPCU is available here.

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