Tuesday 17th September 2019

Techmake’s Eagle X with Verodyne rider sensor comes to the aerial mapping market

Published on April 22nd, 2019

Berodyne Ryder launched its IT consulting and technology development company Techmake Solutions , based in Monterrey, Mexico, into its Eagle X mapping and survey system We announced that it will be equipped with Verodyne’s rider sensor. Verodyne’s lightweight rider sensor enables the Eagle X Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to provide users with high resolution images that enable accurate measurement and analysis of any terrain.

The Eagle X system will be launched in 2019 to address the need for aerial photo mapping systems in the areas of geography, surveying, topography, natural resource management in Mexico, Central America and South America.

Ing. David González P., CEO of Techmake Solutions, says: “We recognised the problem that companies in our market had challenges using restrictive mapping systems, and turned it into an opportunity to bring local innovation.”

“We have created a rider mapping system that integrates hardware components and software developed by us, resulting in Eagle X, which makes rider mobile mapping more affordable than ever in the region it will be.”

The Eagle X system can be customised to meet customer requirements for distance, accuracy, weight, point cloud density and budget. Eagle X is fairly easy to use as it allows you to control your system from startup to operation with your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Eagle X provides such devices with streaming, real-time images of georeferenced point clouds, while at the same time generating and storing maps of the area. As Techmake expands the capabilities of Eagle X in the future, users can receive updates automatically by connecting the system to a Wi-Fi network.

“Velodyne’s lidar sensors provide the industry’s most accurate, real-time, high-resolution data. Their performance, light weight, and compact shape make them easy to use systems that can be configured to the company’s specific mapping needs we are able to design the “Augle X, which will eliminate customers’ fears that they can not use the rider mapping system or can not use it due to inadequate local support,” said González.

As Verodyne rider president and CCO Mike Jellen says: “The industry leaders rely on Verodyne’s rich computerised perception data to deliver a high-performance mapping system as a compact solution. Techmake has a solid reputation for proven track record in implementing customisable projects. This has been further enhanced by Eagle X’s ability to provide an exceptional and easy-to-use rider mapping experience. ”

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