Friday 22nd November 2019

Hyundai digital car key based on Trustonic Application Protection unveiled at New York Auto Show

Published on April 15th, 2019

Trustonic, a provider of mobile device and application security, announced that Hyundai Auto will be showcased at Trustworth Application Protection (TAP) at the New York International Auto Show ) Developed a digital key application. This digital key will be launched on the new 2020 Hyundai Sonata launched in the fall.

Modern digital car key

The Modern Digital Car Key is a downloadable smartphone app that replaces traditional car keys by using Near Field Communication (NFC) to detect authorised smartphones. An NFC antenna located in the driver’s door handle is used to lock and unlock the door, and a second antenna for starting the engine is located in the wireless charging pad of the centre console.

Once authorised, the digital key allows the smartphone to remotely control the selected vehicle system using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication. The user can lock and unlock the vehicle, activate an emergency alert, or turn the engine on or off within about 30 feet of the car.

This new digital key can be used by up to four users simultaneously, facilitating seamless sharing of vehicles. Each user’s preferred settings are also stored in the car, which means that when the user is identified, the vehicle automatically adjusts the side mirrors, radio pre-stored radios, sound settings and seat settings.

Hyundai Motor’s technology solution uses Trustonic’s TAP to protect digital keys. The TAP ensures that the request to transmit the digital key is securely displayed on the trusted device of the authentic, authenticated user and is approved. TAP uses industry-recognised, multi-validated security methods to communicate with customers’ mobile phones.

Automotive interconnection technology

“Modern has long been a leader in automotive interconnect technology, and new features such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Smart Watch and smart speakers have been integrated into our vehicles,” said director of Digital Business Planning and Connected Operations, Hyundai Motor (USA) Manish Mehrotra said, “Digital Key adds convenience to the 2020 Sonata owners, enabling us to prepare for future mobile space shifts, such as car sharing. We chose Trustonic because of their multi-level, industry-recognised Network security method.”

The owner has deeper access rights than other authenticated users, which allows the owner to set vehicle function permissions and access duration for each shared user, such as setting permissions for the postman so that he can open the car for delivery or take away at a specific time. package. The use of this application can be extended to more areas such as car rentals, such as triggering alarms and remote control functions when driving outside a designated area, or even automatic parking.

Trustic CEO Ben Cade added: “Consumers want to be able to manage their lives through smartphones, including their vehicles. Modern digital key programs will provide drivers with easy car sharing and a better user experience; And Trustonic, as an international leader in application security, is responsible for ensuring that this is achieved in a scalable and secure manner.”

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