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Sony and Docomo to test unmanned concept cars in Guam through 5G test network

Published on March 29th, 2019

Sony Corporation and NTT Docomo, Inc. announced that they will conduct joint trials of Sony’s unmanned concept car New Concept Cart SC-1. This concept car uses 5G mobile technology for a variety of remote control functions. The test will be conducted using a trial network in Docomo 5G Open Lab Guam, which will provide test facilities and outdoor verification environments operated by Docomo, Docomo Pacific, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Docomo.

This test will validate the data transfer and operational performance required to control a vehicle from a remote location through ultra-high speed, high capacity, low latency and multi-device connectivity. This will be the company’s second joint 5G technology trial after testing in Japan in 2017 to test how to instantly transfer high-definition video to a 4K digital signage system mounted outside the vehicle via a 5G system.

The New Concept Cart SC-1 is a highly conceptual vehicle that combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics developed by Sony. Image sensors that transcend human vision are mounted on the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle to provide high-definition video for the remote area and provide a visual augmentation of the surrounding area for the passengers on board. The 4K digital signage system can be used to display advertisements and other content with high image resolution to passers-by.

Looking ahead, Sony and Docomo will further cooperate to expand the application of 5G technology.

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