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Cool IoT use cases: Monitoring passengers’ activity at Manchester Airport

Published on March 14th, 2019

Market overview

Air transport is becoming more and more popular; airports now offer places for leisure, gastronomy, shopping or culture, among others. Many airport managers aim to reduce waiting times and make passenger experiences more comfortable by enhancing conditions and improving processes inside the terminal.

The problem

Manchester Airport, the third busiest in the UK, handles more than 27 million passengers and an expansion program will increase capacity by more than 50 million. In order to realise this goal and retain the optimum passenger experience the airport authority needed to monitor and understand the increased flows, detect and prevent eventual bottlenecks and ensure people’s security.

The players

Innotech Insights, a provider of solutions for crowd observation and passenger data collection. And Libelium, a hardware company that designs, manufactures and markets wireless sensor platforms for IoT projects.

The solution

Libelium’s Meshlium Scanners were used to detect smartphones, laptops and hands-free devices in order to monitor passenger movements inside the airport using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth interfaces. The resulting sensor network enabled Innotech Insights Crowded application to provide an accurate, cost effective movement analysis solution that generates visual charts and maps.

Movement data includes the number of visitors per day, identifying and tracking them as individuals in order to outline actual journeys, show areas that could be considered bottlenecks, indicate unexpected waiting areas to highlight security concerns and show the average journey time between all identified areas. In addition, the data can be used to indicate evacuation and safety routes.

Business benefits

  • Better passenger experiences
  • Continuous airport-wide visibility
  • Detailed analysis of on-going issues
  • Enhanced security

The author is freelance technology writer, Bob Emmerson.

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