Sunday 22nd September 2019

Kymeta brings hybrid network connectivity to TEPSA buses in Peru for Airbus and World Bank program

Published on March 5th, 2019

Kymeta – the communications company that is completing the connectivity fabric for everything, everywhere – has demonstrated the power and importance of its hybrid and single source connectivity platform during a recent pilot program across Peru.

Kymeta, with the help of its partners, Intelsat, Cubic Telecom and Cradlepoint, worked with Airbus to create SmartBus, an innovative project in partnership with the World Bank and with the support of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Transport and Communications) of Peru, which aims to collect data on road safety and other statistics to improve Peru’s transportation and connect people in difficult geographical areas of the country.

Buses owned by TEPSA, a pioneering interprovincial bus line, were equipped with Kymeta satellite terminals that took advantage of Intelsat’s satellite capacity, Cubic Telecom mobile coverage and a software-defined wireless WAN solution from Cradlepoint . This allowed the information to be collected and transmitted in real time along a route of 742 km, through urban and rural regions of Peru. Kymeta demonstrated a similar solution with this unique hybrid network approach at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​which ran from 25-28 February 2019.

Using Kymeta’s hybrid satellite-cellular solution, SmartBus is enabling uninterrupted connectivity in the most isolated and rugged region of the country by collecting and transmitting essential data with unprecedented accuracy. This will accelerate the search for new technologies that offer connectivity to remote areas, along with satellite imagery provided by the Peruvian Space Agency (CONIDA).

The project will collect information on the transit information network between Lima and several cities along the edge of the forest, as well as allow communications in rural areas that are easily isolated in case of natural disasters.

Alberto Rodriguez

“This project is making a tangible contribution to development by connecting people in an extremely difficult geographic region of Peru,” said Alberto Rodríguez, World Bank director in Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. “The key insights we see in this test will be used by leading research centers, universities, and technology companies to help them identify problems and possible solutions for road safety, meteorology, and transportation logistics.”

“Kymeta has strong partnerships that collectively have provided Airbus with a single source connectivity solution: mobile and satellite access, a platform for integration, and solution management. This is the full range of hybrid network services needed to make this project a success, “said Emmanuel Sauzay, Smartbus project manager at Airbus Defense and Space.

The SmartBus pilot lays the foundation for applications of Kymeta’s ubiquitous mobile connectivity platform across a range of industries, including commercial agriculture, fleet management, public transportation, and essential access for emergency teams. Each use case requires uninterrupted connectivity and reliable access, data collection and communication. Kymeta highlighted the hybrid network solution at the Mobile World Congress using its new vehicle connected via mobile and satellite, with a fully integrated Kymeta terminal.

“Kymeta’s resilient hybrid mobile and satellite solution goes beyond simply providing a connection,” said Benjamin Posthuma, Kymeta’s connectivity solutions manager. “With the help of our trusted partners, we are a full-service provider of reliable mobile connectivity that also captures mission-critical data across industries. With Kymeta, users no longer have to choose between satellite and mobile – they are simply connected.”

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