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Transport experience helps IoT to benefit other industries

Published on January 18th, 2019

Transport 360: Asset monitoring has been described as one of the most promising applications of connected technologies. Applications with vehicles are well-known, but here Transport 360 asks KORE’s VP and General Manager – Location Based Services, William Sandoval (pictured below) about other possibilities for using data from Internet of Things sensors. For example, how is transport experience helping IoT medical device users?

William Sandoval: Just like a vehicle’s tyre, engine, or brake system, IoT sensors can be embedded on or attached to medical assets or medical devices to ensure they are functioning as they should, their surrounding conditions are optimal, and any potential medical issues are detected as early as possible. Looking at medical assets, one of the primary use cases we have seen is the implementation of IoT solutions to monitor the temperature and humidity levels of donated organs as they are transported from the donor site to the receiving patient.

Real-time location data of the donated organ enables hospital staff to more appropriately prepare the receiving patient while remotely monitoring vital conditions of the organ throughout the entire trip. Analysis of IoT data generated throughout the process enables doctors and nurses to more accurately and efficiently evaluate the status and condition of the organ upon arrival.

For more traditional medical devices, many of which are related to out-patient monitoring, IoT data provides valuable insights into the health of the patient as well as the effectiveness of any treatment received. One of our customers, for example, offers an intelligent glucose monitoring device for patients with diabetes. The solution not only removes the hassle of manually recording and tracking blood glucose levels, but also stores the collected reading data in a cloud-based application. The analysis of this data enables the organisation to provide users with personalised coaching and guidance for improving their diabetes care and overall level of health.

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