Thursday 17th October 2019

Fleet management in the mix of a great and complex IoT ecosystem

Published on August 3rd, 2018

As the connected vehicles market begins to mature an ecosystem that brings together vehicle markets, connectivity providers, applications and the end users – whether enterprise or consumer – needs to be brought togetherThe internet of automotive things is growing continuously and encompassing many more applications to the benefit of organisations and end users. These range from well-established markets such as fleet management to newer ideas such as incar delivery whereby goods can be delivered to your vehicle. This is a large and varied market and will have even more breadth as smart cities, autonomous driving and pay per use cars become mainstream.

The earliest markets have now moved beyond the pioneering phase and offerings are no longer impressive, nice-to-haves but essentials for success. “Fleet management if you’re a truck maker is becoming a ticket to ride,” explains Svante Svanberg, the strategic segment manager at Telenor Connexion. “If you don’t have the capability to support it, you’ll have issues selling your vehicles.”

Telenor Connexion Transporation & Logistics

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