Saturday 24th October 2020

Case Study: Moving transport and logistics beyond vehicle tracking

Published on July 3rd, 2018

Examples of IoT being used to improve logistics and supply chain link back to the origins of the term ‘internet of things’. Working for Proctor and Gamble, Kevin Ashton coined the phrase when trying to gain a better understanding of demand for lipstick by connecting supermarket shelves back to the supply chain. Tom Rebbeck of Analysys Mason reports.

Transport and logistics was one of the earliest use cases for cellular connected devices and, in many countries, remain the largest application areas. Suppliers initially targeted the market with IoT solutions focused on high-value assets, such as containers and the heavy goods vehicles that carried them, where the return on investment was easily demonstrable. The next stage of the market will be to move beyond simply tracking the location and state of the vehicles, to closer monitoring of the assets themselves.

We expect strong growth in the fleet management category
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