Friday 21st January 2022

Jeremy Cowan, Founder & Editorial Director of Prestige Media Ltd, Co-founder WKM Ltd

Jeremy is the founder of Prestige Media Ltd (PML) and co-founder of WeKnow Media Ltd (WKM), the parent companies of VanillaPlus, IoT Now and IoT Global Network. He is also the Editor of this site,

Launched in 1999, the VanillaPlus portfolio includes VanillaPlus Magazine, VanillaPlus Black Book (both available in print and online), and VanillaPlus Bites, a free monthly html news service, as well as which features Digital Editions, Video Interviews, Latest News, Features, Special Reports and Webinar Podcasts.

From 1993-99, Jeremy was managing editor of the communications division at Nexus Communications with editorial and business development responsibility for 12 communications publications including Mobile Europe, Mobile Asia Pacific, Mobile & Cellular (UK), Mobile Middle East & Africa, Mobile Latino America, Communications News, Cabling World, and Network Europe.

Jeremy Cowan – Editor,
Tel: +44 1420 588638
twitter: @jcIoTnow