Friday 21st January 2022

How to achieve efficient IoT transportation operations

Smart transportation is one of the areas in which Internet of Things (IoT) deployments can achieve measurable impacts on consumers’ lives and enable cost savings and operational efficiencies to be achieved by fleet operators. These benefits, of course, feed down across all forms of commerce as transport is made more efficient, and environmental impacts are reduced, thanks to optimised journeys and minimised fuel consumption.

Fleet telematics has evolved. Automotive personnel realize that the focus now is on understanding what the car can tell you. The issues have moved beyond simple tracking and fuel consumption data offered by most telematics providers. Today’s systems can accurately, cost-effectively, and remotely extract and present data from the engine management systems of a vehicle in an intuitive format. It then can process and analyse that data to deliver tangible operational and, more importantly, financial benefits to its customers.

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