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MTS gives positive report on Russia’s machine-to-machine communications market in 2014

Published on December 11th, 2014

According to estimates by Russian mobile network operator, MTS over the first nine months of 2014 the country’s machine-to-machine communications (M2M) market increased by 14% to reach 5.5 million SIM cards, while the number of MTS’s M2M SIM cards grew by 16% to 2.9 million.

MTS now controls approximately 53% of the Russian M2M market in terms of connections. The number of M2M subscriber identity modules (SIMs) on the MTS network grew by 26% year-on-year.


The total number of M2M SIMs used in Moscow and St. Petersburg exceeded one million. This represents 35% of the total number of M2M SIMs on MTS’s network.

Key areas of usage:




Transport remains the key area of usage of M2M solutions accounting for 43% of M2M connections.  The total number of M2M SIMs employed for fleet management services on MTS’s network increased by 225,000 over the first nine months of 2014.

  • A total of 20% of M2M connections are used by security and anti-theft systems
  • Despite volatility in the financial sector, banks continue to increase usage of M2M solutions in ATMs and payment terminals. This segment represents 12% of M2M connections in Russia
  • Another 12% of M2M SIMs are being used in manufacturing industries
  • Usage of telematics solutions in the utilities sector (i.e. water, heat and electricity meters, solutions in elevators) increased by one per cent during this period to 11%
  • Only 0.5% of total M2M connections are utilised in consumer electronics and smart insurance products.

While the number of consumer devices equipped with M2M has not increased, the operator told M2M Now that it has seen strong growth in insurance products using M2M.  MTS is actively developing this line of business in partnership with two of Russia’s leading insurance companies, Renaissance Insurance and Intouch Insurance.

Interesting M2M projects implemented by MTS in 2014

  • MTS, in partnership with Geotechnologies LLC, has launched a project involving remote monitoring of geodynamic and hydrometerological parameters on railways for Russian Railways OJSC. In all, 70 meters have been installed with MTS’s SIM cards on railways, to control the quality of the railroad bed and prevent accidents, a task which is acute in remote areas which are difficult access and where weather conditions can be extremely harsh.
  • In the northern part of Russia, in the Nenetsk Autonomous District, collars with MTS SIM cards and Glonass/GPS chipsets are being used to track the location of herds of reindeer. This solution allows users to monitor the location of animals (often miles away) using smartphones and tablets.
  • In Tver, MTS and Tverelevator have partnered in a project, which allows 24/7 monitoring of elevators and enables passengers to get in touch directly with elevator service companies.
  • In Moscow, MTS and ITOUCH insurance launched a smart insurance solution, which analyses drivers’ behaviour on the roads. If a driver drives prudently, doesn’t speed, and has not been in a road accident in a year, he or she might receive 20% off their insurance policy.