Actility, Abeeway, Cisco and Tracktio show IoT geolocation in the Port of Barcelona

Here’s the inside story on the deployment and testing of a location and tracking solution for Internet of Things devices in the Port of Barcelona, Spain. As Actility tells IoT Now Transport360, it is using a low power wide area network, which it believes is an ideal communications technology for industrial IoT (IIoT) applications. (more…)


IoT enables asset tracking across the entire supply chain

Having the ability to track exactly where any mobile asset is in the entire supply chain is particularly useful when looking for items that have been stolen or lost. The Internet of Things (IoT) can be used to create a more efficient and agile network to support mobile asset tracking, thereby delivering a wide range of business benefits, writes Benoît Tournier, the marketing director for Mobile IoT Solutions at Sierra Wireless. (more…)


Emission monitoring helps Transport for London assess bus and taxi exhausts in bid for better air

Air pollution and its causes have been a topic of discussion and concern across the globe for years, especially regarding the exhaust gas emissions from diesel vehicles. (more…)


Smart cities will shape the future of autonomous vehicles

We talk a lot about how connected cars and autonomous vehicles are going to shape smart cities, but that’s looking through the wrong end of the binoculars, writes Annie Turner. Cities are going to have a profound impact on the automotive industry in future. (more…)


Cold chain monitoring and IoT – More than just temperature control

Cold chains are susceptible to mechanical breakdowns, traffic delays, theft, human error, and numerous other factors. With IoT, issues can be handled in real time, with an entire infrastructure reacting as a single unit. (more…)


Fleet management in the mix of a great and complex IoT ecosystem

As the connected vehicles market begins to mature an ecosystem that brings together vehicle markets, connectivity providers, applications and the end users – whether enterprise or consumer – needs to be brought together (more…)


Listen to the customer, or you’ll just make a faster horse


At a time of political upheaval, business leaders and investors become nervous and search for certainties. Arguments over NAFTA, Brexit, the Middle East, or US vs. the Rest trade wars can unsettle the markets.


IoT Now’s Transport 360 bucks the trend

These days it’s rare that publishers launch a new magazine, but that’s what we’re doing here. The publishers of IoT-Now.com, IoT Now magazine, IoTGlobalNetwork.com and IoTNowTransport.com are pleased to be able to extend their reach with a global print publication that is also available digitally. So, what will you find in IoT Now Transport 360?

Well, we are focusing on Automotive Transport, Fleet Management and Logistics. Our experience has shown that these are the sectors that are being most heavily impacted by new services enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT). In this launch issue we bring you News, Views, Events, Case Studies and Interviews from around the world. Our Front Cover interview is with Sean Riley a director of Germany’s Software AG (page 8) and it looks at the costs and opportunities enabled by IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Data Analytics.

Led by IoT Now Transport’s Consulting Editor, Johan Fagerberg (CEO of Sweden-based Berg Insight), we investigate the accelerating convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) (page 24), and how transportation safety and service efficiency are being improved by embedded IoT solutions (page 26). We describe how to choose the right IoT platform for smart transport (page 28). And we compare advances in multi-modal public transport (14) and commercial freight movement (12). Finally, it is my pleasure to introduce Annie Turner, who has been appointed as Editor of IoTNowTransport.com. Annie is a highly experienced journalist who has been writing about technology and its impact on industry, the economy and society since the 1980s. In her first article for us (page 12) she tells you how to keep your cool in intermodal transport.


We all hope you enjoy Transport 360. Connect withus on Twitter @IoTNowTransport Jeremy Cowan, Editor