Pervasive Vehicle-2-Anything connectivity enables safe, engaging rally racing

Background & challenge

Over the past decade, a surge in rally sport competition has resulted in greater incidences of injury, fatalities, and property damage. (more…)


Case study: Sustaining a successful business with better fleet management

The Bradfords Group was established in 1770 and claims to be one of the largest independent supplier of building materials in the UK. It needed a more comprehensive telematics solution for its fleet of 700 vehicles and a year after installation has had quantifiable success with the system it chose. (more…)


Actility, Abeeway, Cisco and Tracktio show IoT geolocation in the Port of Barcelona

Here’s the inside story on the deployment and testing of a location and tracking solution for Internet of Things devices in the Port of Barcelona, Spain. As Actility tells IoT Now Transport360, it is using a low power wide area network, which it believes is an ideal communications technology for industrial IoT (IIoT) applications. (more…)


Capturing drivers’ data in real time paves the way to innovative services

Schmalkalden Stadtreinigung GmbH has managed waste for the German district of Schmalkalden-Meiningen since May 1990. Its workforce of some 110 staff provide a diverse range of services using a fleet of specialised vehicles. (more…)


Case Study: Moving transport and logistics beyond vehicle tracking

Examples of IoT being used to improve logistics and supply chain link back to the origins of the term ‘internet of things’. Working for Proctor and Gamble, Kevin Ashton coined the phrase when trying to gain a better understanding of demand for lipstick by connecting supermarket shelves back to the supply chain. Tom Rebbeck of Analysys Mason reports. (more…)


Smart Parking in Montpellier relieves congestion and reduces search time

Ten minutes searching for car parking several times daily adds up to more than 240 hours per year, and an average of 700 complete days in your life. Driving around looking for an available car slot wastes fuel, induces anxiety and increases pollution in city centres. (more…)


Case study: Diamond Logistics and pi-top growing together

With the explosion of e-commerce, demand for warehouse space has soared and the boom shows no sign of slowing down. In 2016, logistics take-up hit record levels with 29.3 million sq ft. of space acquired and a record £2.7 billion (€3.09 billion) invested into single-asset logistics units, according to CBRE. (more…)


oneM2M Case Study: oneTRANSPORT

In cities around the globe, people use a variety of transportation methods for different purposes whether commuting to work, travelling to sporting events and concerts, or making a trip into town. With today’s travellers becoming increasingly tech-savvy, as well as being used to having a wealth of information at their fingertips, (more…)


iot transport featured iot cool cases

New! Cool IoT Cases: Bringing the world of IoT Transport to Life

Sure, the right device matters. Yes, optimum connectivity makes IoT services fly. But the right Applications?
They bring the IoT to Life. We call them Cool IoT Cases.



Case study: Brazilian railways become connected from North to South with satellite solutions

Valec is an organisation which builds, maintains and operates Brazilian railways. The public company manages three railways: the North-South Railway, the West-East Integration Railway and the Centre-West Integration Railway. The organisation plays a major role in developing infrastructure across a very large territory in order to support the Brazillian economy. (more…)

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