Can car makers resist Apple and Google’s bid to take the wheel and the centre console?

Executives from some car makers including BMW and Ford have no intention of allowing their vehicles to become Apple or Google’s latest device, and plan to keep ownership of their centre consoles. (more…)


Smart revenue sharing – a crucial cog in the IoT wheel

A complex environment in an ever-changing sector

Within the Internet of Things (IoT), all the players, whether they are CSPs, MVNOs, IoT service or platform providers, must be able to offer new services and pricing models quickly and easily to keep pace with this fast growing sector. (more…)


Ease of Use and Mobile First are at the heart of Digi’s new M2M strategy

With IoT Now granted sole access to Digi’s normally closed customer conference, we ask the CEO and COO their strategy for growing an M2M hardware provider. In Part 2 of Jeremy Cowan’s report the new emphasis is on service and scalability. (more…)


Autonomy is already entering the mid-market car segment

As part of the 2016 edition of the Usage Based Insurance study, we analysed the impact of autonomy on the insurance market. We forecast that 380 million semi, highly or fully autonomous vehicles will be on the road by 2030. (more…)


Making city transport smarter with the smartphone

Smart Cities are all about the implementation and adoption of integrated technology to improve urban life, and there is no better example than the impact the smartphone is having on urban transport systems. (more…)



MTS gives positive report on Russia’s machine-to-machine communications market in 2014

According to estimates by Russian mobile network operator, MTS over the first nine months of 2014 the country’s machine-to-machine communications (M2M) market increased by 14% to reach 5.5 million SIM cards, while the number of MTS’s M2M SIM cards grew by 16% to 2.9 million. (more…)


Satellite M2M and Big Data reassure ship owners facing piracy, theft and long logistics chains

We take for granted that we live in a connected world as we read tweets from the International Space Station, ponder the first driverless cars and expect WiFi in airplanes. (more…)


Logistics SaaS meets the Internet of Things in Singapore

Logistics company IFL Pte Ltd is using an Internet of Things (IoT)-integrated logistics operations SaaS (software as a service) to help manage day-to-day logistics processes. Here, Shamir Rahim (pictured), CEO of Sypher Labs explains the necessity of such a tool in logistics. (more…)

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