HARMAN International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, today announced the launch of the next generation of HARMAN Ignite.

This is said to be the first fully integrated, cloud-based platform for developing, managing, securing, operating and monetising in-vehicle applications and services.

The HARMAN Ignite cloud platform, now being used by 29 global OEMs, delivers HARMAN’s Remote Vehicle Updating over-the-air (OTA) solution, to keep the software and firmware in more than 30 million vehicles updated and relevant with new features and functions.

The new updates to the HARMAN Ignite solution will support several new cloud offerings as well as the integration with the HARMAN SHIELD Automotive Cyber Security Platform, providing OEMs with a robust suite of solutions to protect vehicles from cyber-attacks.

HARMAN Ignite creates partnership opportunities in the automotive ecosystem that unlock limitless types of in-vehicle services and experiences. HARMAN’s solution is well positioned to remain the automotive cloud platform of choice for OEMs in a market that is expected to grow to $33 billion (€27.63 billion) by 2025, according to an October 2017 Frost & Sullivan Report titled,“The Automotive Data Monetisation Market”.

According to Roger Lanctot, director of automotive connected mobility at Strategy Analytics, “This next generation of HARMAN Ignite, with a greater depth of cloud solution integrations, is a platform enabling OEMs to differentiate themselves with new services, create new revenue models and enhance their brands by bringing customised and personalised services to drivers and passengers.

HARMAN Ignite offers opportunities for a greater number of third-party application companies to partner with OEMs to get a piece of the connected car and autonomous car market with in-vehicle services.”

At CES 2018, HARMAN, for the first time, will demonstrate the next version of its Ignite platform as well as the following new cloud solution integrations:

Parental controls solution

The parental controls solution is a pre-packaged SaaS offering for OEMs to quickly deploy a parental control service. This includes a mobile application for car owners to remotely monitor a vehicle’s location and status, including:

  • Tracking vehicle speed as well as hard acceleration and braking events
  • Establishing and monitoring geo-fences
  • Defining and monitoring curfews
  • Monitoring performance against speed limit

Voice Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents

HARMAN Ignite provides cloud orchestration and supplemental skills for OEMs to deploy multiple voice AI agents, including Samsung Bixby, IBM Watson and Amazon Alexa. This solution enhances the traditional on-board voice recognition and natural language processing functions with cloud-based assistance for completing basic requests using real-time data, for example, accessing sports scores and calendar appointments.

By enabling the availability of multiple voice AI agents in a single vehicle, family members who share a vehicle each have access to their own AI agent of choice. This solution also enables car-sharing programmes to offer customers access to various AI agents based on preference.

HARMAN intelligent platform

HARMAN Ignite now offers an intelligent platform, including machine learning algorithms that OEMs can integrate into a wide array of new applications and services, ranging from enhancing driver and passenger personalisation, driver monitoring and vehicle health. Deploying pre-built algorithms requires significantly less effort and results in faster deployment times and lower cost. HARMAN Ignite’s over-the-air updating capabilities enable OEMs to continue to update and refine the algorithms once installed in the vehicles.

HARMAN Ignite wheel

HARMAN Cyber Security Analysis Centre

The new HARMAN SHIELD Cyber Security Analysis Centre offers OEMs and fleet managers with unparalleled access to all security events within the connected cars on their network. Part of the HARMAN SHIELD Platform is driven by its suite of in-vehicle agents, including ECUSHIELD and TCUSHIELD. The Cyber Security Analysis Centre can be integrated into existing SOC/SIEM solutions, allowing for a true cybersecurity solution to protect connected and autonomous cars against cyber-attacks.

Nexshop Automotive Retail Suite

The Nexshop Automotive Retail Suite is an analytics solution for automotive dealers that raise the customer experience by streamlining the vehicle purchasing decision starting with an online search, through the dealership and to final sale. The solution provides active interaction and personalisation based on consumer, product and promotional data from various sources that it aggregates, analyses and delivers back to dealers and consumers with meaningful actions.


Sanjay Dhawan

An OBD-II dongle device integrated with Ignite brings connectivity to vehicles currently without access to the cloud – instantly enabling media delivery, vehicle tracking, vehicle diagnostics and real-time enterprise analytics.

“With the next generation of HARMAN Ignite, we put an emphasis on redefining and disrupting the current cloud ecosystem,” said Sanjay Dhawan, executive vice president and president of the Connected Services Division and HARMAN CTO.

“We are excited to see this platform evolve and maintain its position as a market leading solution with each generation. The HARMAN Ignite platform brings a piece of the connected car market to all types of companies looking to deliver in-vehicle services and applications.”

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