Sunday 19th May 2019

New! Cool IoT Cases: Bringing the world of IoT Transport to Life

Published on October 27th, 2017

Sure, the right device matters. Yes, optimum connectivity makes IoT services fly. But the right Applications?
They bring the IoT to Life. We call them Cool IoT Cases.

To show the importance of the best Internet of Things (IoT) applications, we’re building a Resource Centre of Cool IoT Cases. These are selected, innovative use cases analysed by one of IoT’s most experienced observers, Netherlands-based technology journalist, Bob Emmerson. He has studied applications in sectors ranging from Agriculture to Automotive, from Healthcare to Logistics, and Smart Homes to Smart Cities.

Now, Bob Emmerson is bringing that expertise to a brand new Column at

Beginning with a series of 3 applications in Trains and Planes, in this unique series Bob will show you how IoT is changing our world. He’ll tell you honestly what the selected Applications do well, and where they can improve. Every Application will be measured against 5 Key Criteria:

  • Secure Implementation
  • Stakeholder Benefits
  • Scalability
  • Usable Data
  • Service Innovation

Every month Bob will be tackling the strengths and weaknesses of more and more use cases, next up will be Fleet Management.

You can pre-register here, to read for free.